Why catalytic burner technology over other types of diffusers?

Product benefits and Structure and Functions of the Catalytic Burner:

Key to the success of the catalytic burner is the catalytic head made from a platinum-coated ceramic material, a mixture of ceramic clays. The diameter of the pores is about 3µm. During application, essential oil is sucked up by the cotton core and attach to the capillary pores of the burner by interfacial force. This enables the burner to dispense heat without a naked flame. The combustion temperature at the centre of the head is a constant 60ºC-300°C which is the temperature best suited to releasing the essential oils and Phytoncidere. Essential oils are catalyzed without combustion. While maintaining an extremely high temperature, the exterior ring is very safe. Cold foreign matters like paper will not burn easily upon contact. In case of essential oil spillage when the aromatherapy is accidentally tipped over, the catalytic burner will turn itself off.

It is necessary to maintain a constant temperature of 60°C~220°C is due to the molecular formula of *Our Proprietary Alcohol*. Molecular weight is 60.1, and boiling point is 80°C. Gasification point: In a well ventilated place, vaporization begins at approximately 5°C. Usually at about 20°C, *Our Proprietary Alcohol* gradually turns into gas. Full gasification occurs when the temperature reached 52°C by low combustion. There is no residual gas in the air. All original structure and functions are destroyed.  

BOTANICOOL is generated by disintegrating normal state oxygen (O2) into mono oxygen (O) with a special scientific process, and consolidated with *Our Proprietary Alcohol* to form aerobic *Proprietary Alcohol*. The molecular weight of this substance is 76.1, heavier than *Our Proprietary Alcohol* by 16, but the physical characteristics are similar.

The English scientific name of this mono oxygen (O) is BOTANICOOL. When *Our Proprietary Alcohol* is combusted in low heat, an oxygen free radical mono oxygen (O) called Botanicool is released. Under the 60°C~300°C temperature reducing action of the exterior when it is discharged from the catalytic burner, Botanicool is not burned or damaged. Instead, it attaches itself to normal oxygen (O2) rapidly in a very active and unstable state.

Unstable ozone (O3) (scientific name Triatomic Oxygen) is released and drift freely in the air. This released ozone (commonly known as OZO) is attached with another mono oxygen (O) (Oxygen free radical), which seeks other substances to bond with – and unstable and unsaturated radical which is an organic substance without electron load. This consolidation turns the toxic substance into a saturated electron load which is safe and non toxic. Without the balancing effect of electron load, bacteria are weakened and lose their adverse effects.

Major Benefits of catalytic burner Aromatherapy:

• Sterilizing and removing the air of pollutants for a healthier and fresher living environment.
• Purifying the air by eliminating bacteria, odours and smoke.
• Improving breathing by preventing asthma, flu, sinus and other airborne illnesses.
• Relaxing the mind and relieving tension by replenishing depleted ions.
• Reinforcing the body’s immune system by increasing metabolism and stimulating cellular activity.

Ozone was discovered in 1840. It is formed from the combination of an oxygen molecule with another oxygen atom making O3, a very unstable molecule with powerful oxidizing properties. Breathing small amounts of ozone gives a feeling of wellbeing like that experienced after a visit to the beach. The ocean gives off helpful quantities of ozone. The essentisl oils contain a proprietary substance (Botanicool) which releases atoms of oxygen during catalytic combustion. These atoms combine with oxygen in the air to form ozone which has a disinfecting action and reduces odours and tobacco smoke. As the unstable ozone breaks down it releases fresh amounts of oxygen into the air. The American National Safety Standard for ozone is that it should not exceed 0.1 parts per million. The system releases less than 0.005 parts per million when burned in a closed room of 46.5 cubic meters for 1 hour.  

Phytoncidere is a substance exuded by plants as a form of self-protection when they are damaged. It has been found that if living organisms such as amoeba, or flu, cholera or diptheria germs are placed near to freshly chopped leaves, the germs are killed after only a few minutes. Hence it is apparent that plants have a self-immunity function that will eliminate bacteria and fungi. In the  system the catalytic burner maintains a combustion temperature that does not destroy the Phytoncidere. The benefits of Phytoncidere are that it eliminates bacteria, purifies the air of pollutants, and enters the body via the nasal passages to fight against diseases.  


• The range of the aromatic diffuser is 1000 to 1500 square feet (in an open space plan without any partitions).
• In any room (500 to 750 square feet), burning the diffuser for a half hour then extinguishing will give 3 hours of anti-bacterial action.
• Bronchially weak children historically treated with asthma preventative medicine will, after half an hour of the essential oils a day, have been able to come off all medication with no continuation of an asthmatic cough.
• We have noticed that the use of Bel’Air has prevented the development of flu within the family.
• People suffering from lethargy and headaches said that, since using the catalytic burner & essential oils, those conditions have disappeared and that they now enjoys a general sense of wellbeing.

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